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Today is my birthday. And, as Birthday Boy, I command anybody with a funky and/or funny bone in his or her body — nay, anybody with ANY kinda bone in his or her body — to listen to the UK’s finest, DJ Format, and his Canadian pals Abdominal and D-Sisive. At least once. Then you must watch the video. Then this one. Then you must buy Format’s two fine albums: If You Can’t Join ’em, Beat ’em and Music for the Mature B-Boy (I know they’re imports…just trust me). Then, and only then, you can have a slice of birthday cake. Birthday Boy has spoken.

7 Replies to “DJ Format”

  1. happy birthday, sam!
    let's go see some live music in celebration! i'll buy the beer!
    i can't do the deadly snakes on wednesday. sunday has the clientele and pas/cal, but isn't a great day either. iron and wine/calexico are playing in december. what do you think?

  2. yeah, that kinda sux. that 'we know something' is my top vid of all time for smiles. but i have found you can get a couple via youtube. just search on "dj format"

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