4 Replies to “Would You Sign This Band?”

  1. Yes — because if I were a major label, I wouldn’t understand the difference between good music and promotion.
    Expect rotation of Exit on your favorite pop radio station before Christmas.

  2. Interesting to listen to the Tah Dah's "The Cute Band" while looking at photo shoots from this band's website. They are definitely cute, and possibly tough, a formidable combination. Plus Bono likes them. I should probably listen to their songs, but I have so many other songs I really wanna listen to.
    Sure, I'd sign them.

  3. this is not going to be constructive.
    i think you misunderstood "the cute band". its not aestheically literal. bono is psychotic and his opinion should never be valued. your life will only improve if you dont listen to "exit". because of this thinking, the majority musical interest is something to laugh for hours at. although, its safer that way, for the sake of deserved creativity. the desireable will stay at a distance while the trite and irritating will stay at the forefront, in easy arms reach. i have a feeling youve never pulled an arm muscle.

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