Back it up about 10 years when Sam, Jon and I were all being paid for what we do now for free, a young man by the name of Matt Mahaffey was also, theoretically, getting paid for what he now does for free. His collage of organic and digital instrumentation, pop and hip-hop sensibilities, and his playful use of harmonic and discordant elements won us over immediately. Self was an essential artist in our soundtrack of those days at Acme. With Jon’s usual sarcasm, he remembers this time as “misty watercolor memories.” It took a loyal 3hive reader (thanks Josh!) to bring us full circle, back to Self. While offers a veritable smorgasbord of free tunes, here’s a brief sampler of his classic and newest works. “KiDdies” was a literal hit on my nightly radio show in Salt Lake City and a great Halloween track, “So Low” and “Cannon” the singles from Self’s first album. The rest are from his most current album, this year’s Porno, Mint & Grime.

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  1. Oh I love self!
    You’ve gotta check out the killer cover of Michael Mcdonald’s What a Fool Believes, from their all-kids-toys-produced album “Gizmodgery”. And of course from that same album, “Trunk Fulla Amps”. Self kicks ass. “Suzie Q Sailaway” is another one of my favorites.

  2. Man Sean, I forgot all about Self. I was one of those who enjoyed you playing them on your radio show out here in SLC. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Wow, I am really liking Summersound and While the Gangsters Sleep. Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep an eye open for their albums.

  4. i fell in love when i first heard subliminal plastic motives on the featured listening table at blockbuster music. self fans rock. i agree with Fin about the “What a fool believes” cover – fantastic

  5. I’ve always had rotating taste when it comes to bands… that was… until a college friend of mine turned me on to Self. I have had nothing but unadulterated adoration for Matt and his motley crew ever since. Loving Self is a lot like loving the Boston Red Sox. They hadn’t won a world series in decades… until… well… y’all F-ing know who won the 2004 world series. Some day Self will catch a break. Sony will smell what they’re sitting on, or Self will release a new album with time-critical content that has to be released in order to be relevant… or SOMETHING. I mean, how do you come out from left field, do track 1 on the Shrek soundtrack, and then go back to left field? This man cannot catch a break. Maybe he needs to rub 50 Cent’s pecs for good luck or something.
    And now with the unfortunate passing of his brother, he seems an even bigger under dog. BUT: Matt Mahaffey will prevail in some way, some day, and I will be there, tear glistening in the corner of my eye, saying, “there’s my Matt. I knew he had it in him.”
    And I concur: Self’s cover of What A Fool Believes is one of my favorite tracks of all time, though his writing is not to be bested by any.

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