Les Hommes Sauvages

Les Hommes Sauvages sing in German, English and French, so you polyglots out there can have fun with that aspect of this German band. You noir fans will likely enjoy the sound of these three tracks; no matter the language in which they’re sung, a cool, dark, moody vibe is ubiquitous (plus, they use vibes — a vibraphone, that is). And if you’re just a Europhile, you’ll dig this line straight off the band’s website: “Being European sons and daughters they named their album Playtime after the movie of the same title by the French director genius Jacques Tati.” Yeah, I, uh, made that same connection. Thanks to Dr. Neal for dropping this one into the suggestion box.


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  1. If you haven't ever seen Playtime, then go watch it immediately. And any other Tati movie you can get your hands on. They're some of the best — and funniest — movies I've ever seen…

  2. I want to buy Les Hommes Sauvages' album, but both links to amazon and Insound does not seem to work anymore. Does anybody know a link that may be of help other than their official website?

  3. i would like to buy their album but when i try to everything is in german! and i don't know german very well so?

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