A Hasidic reggae sensation. It sounds like a sitcom setup that inevitably ends in “Now I’ve really seen it all!” And I’ll admit that when I saw Matisyahu for the first time, the gangly visage in a black suit and hat and traditional beard, combined with a voice perfectly trained for staccato wordplay, was as disorienting as Michael Bolton bustin’ out with a rhyme that would make Jay-Z blush. Yet despite being the last guy you’d expect to find himself in a waka-waka rhythm, Matisyahu comes legit with lyrics often steeped in religious imagery which, like Bob Marley’s Rastafarianism or even Bono’s Catholicism, never cross over into dogma. It’s in those lyrics that Matisyahu’s conceit comes into focus: Zion, Babylon, salvation, temples, princes and kings — whether Jamaica or Jerusalem, reggae at its core is rebel music for true believers. Matisyahu is true, and he’s bound to make some new believers of his own.

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  1. Honestly I'm lovin it lovin it lovin it!!! In all of its creavtivness and all its expressions in my opinion its the best frikin song eva!! It captured me from the instint I saw the video clip. The timing couldn't have been more perfect. I was on the quest for seeking the truth which has lead me from converting from Christianity to what I believe back to my roots my true identity…Yahava Reigns!!!

  2. The first time I saw Matisyahu’s King Without A Crown video on MTV, I never stopped from collecting his posters, albums and information about this guy.
    He’s really GREAT!!! I love his music and even though I’m a Roman Catholic, I think he really takes his mission seriously.
    More Power to you, Matthew Miller!!

  3. This guy is amazing. I first heard King without a crown on MTV and it got me curious. So I went looking for his music online and found the Live version of King without a crown which was absolutely PHENOMENAL. I went through all his songs, downloaded some, and I’ve concluded that this guy is CREATIVE, and he keeps the same spiritual-inspiring message throughout. I hope he stays on this path.
    If you don’t think he’s a good musician, then somethin’s wrong with you. BUT I’M Glad everyone Loves him.

  4. It’s definitely tough to see a good reggae show out here in the mountains of Colorado. Luckily, Matisyahu is playing in Aspen in Sept. A great band, great beats, great lyrics. Unique sound but still true to deep roots reggae. I used to see the bass player play in Brooklyn, NY in a band called Zionix.

  5. My think is Matisyahu
    ร้องเพลงเพราะที่สุดเท่ามี่เคยได้ฟังมา รักแร็กเก้เลย ฟังแล้วทึ่ง

  6. Hi my name is Solomon
    I am a Jewish Torah inspired songwriter/singer/guitarist
    I live in Australia
    I would like to send my music to Matisyahu's myspace but I don't know what that is, can you help?
    I am new to myspace and I don't know my myspace address
    but here is my email
    Thanks Shalom

  7. Thank you so much for being awesome!! I'd heard of Matisyahu from some friends, but I had never gotten a chance to listen to his music. Now I'm spreading the news!!

  8. i saw his interview in cnn a while back and i have been trying to get his cd but it's scarce here in nigeria, then i heard his "king without a crown" and it was the bomb it was like bob marley meets yellow man please can anyone send me his cd especially the videos seeing him sing… it feels like fantasy…peter panish

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