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  1. Mazarin makes music from their hearts, and I find Quentin Stolfzfus’ high-pitched vocals a very enduring and essential element to this band’s existence. They know how to control their listeners with an abundance of bass hooks and catchy, melodic rhythms. “Another One Goes By” has that magical combination of all of the above, icluding great songwriting. “Louise” is a great little acoustical guitar piece which has Stoltzfus yearning and possibly floundering over the love of his life, and nothing accents this track more than a wonderful, if not simple and subdued guitar riff and strum.
    However, the centerpiece of these three tracks quite possibly belongs to “We’re Already There”, which has quite the jubilee of intrumentals and vocals accompanying an almost shoegazer sound, sounding a bit like Slowdive of yesteryear and is something a little different for Mazarin. All three tracks ebb and flow like a river around boulders; quite enough to make me give this material repeat listens.

  2. Dear Mazarin,
    The Jesus and Mary Chain, Mazzy Star, Dick Dale and Morrissy called. They'd like to have their music back.

  3. “Louise” stumbles aimlessly. Doesn’t know where it’s going, doesn’t care. Melodic focus, please.
    “We’re Already There.” Just because your guitars can make creepy psychedelic sounds doesn’t mean you have to write a song around them.
    “Another One Goes By.” Much better. Guitars shimmer and engage. The melody uplifts and intrigues. This one stands a chance. I want to go where it’s taking me. Could stand a stronger bridge but, heck, it’s progress.

  4. "Another One Goes By" by Mazarin
    Folks, put away your jadedness and let the warm bass, dreamy guitars and vocals carry you. This song makes reverb your friend, not a mask for insecure vocalists. There is life in this song, as long as you've decided to see it.

  5. Lousie may "stumble aimlessly," but I still find think it's a fine and dandy song. Very sad sounding, though. Good for falling asleep.

  6. Dear Fiesty Rock Critic:
    Perhaps you should expand your music listening beyond the most accessible music to amateur music enthusiasts in the past 15 years and dig a bit deeper. Faust, Sandy Bull, The Feelies, Fred Neil, Davy Graham and Shirley Collins, Mississippi John Hurt and Kraftwerk would all be good starting points. Critcs are unfortunately limited to their sphere of influence as reference points.

  7. Dear vor,
    Perhaps you should refrain from making remarks like that when you have no clue what I, or we, listen to. I happen to already know most of those bands you mentioned. I've also been around the block, and I know my music. Just becuase you have a certain taste in music doesn't mean that whatever anybody else listens to is crap. "Critics are unfortunately limited to their sphere of influence as reference points." WTF is that suppose to mean?? Everybody has their own influences, I don't give a rats ass who you are. But that doesn't mean I don't know about more obscure bands. You get on here and start naming bands that you think nobody else will know, which makes you look like an ass, since we do know them. Perhaps if I'd named Kraftwerk as an influence you'd have had different things to say?? Please. Take your arrogance elsewhere. If you want to write a review about Mazarin go for it. Otherwise, STFU!!

  8. i've been a mazarin fan since the first record. the guy can write nice songs, put em together in the studio really well, etc. this recent album, though, is pretty boring. there is nothing on it that hits me, makes me want to play it over and over again. it just feels so typical and vacant.
    as for "vor" – i'm a pretty huge fan of all of the "deeper" music you listed. it has nothing to do with criticism of this record. the record sounds nothing like the artists you mentioned. records are matter of taste, somebody not digging a particular lp doesn't make them shallow or the lp bad. there's room for everybody!

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