The Unicorns

These Montreal hipsters do — oops, I mean, did — play a lovely brand of ’80s-tinged rock/pop/dance music. Slated as the next big thing, they instead split up. What can I say? It happens to the best of them, but that’s still no excuse to pass over these songs. Get those feet a-dancing!

7 Replies to “The Unicorns”

  1. Thanks a lot. I'm loving this music, heh. It's great. If anyone has any more of this stuff, and'd be intersted in some distribution, please contact me.
    Oh, and I figured I should mention that for Death From Above 1979, the links have changed. Their site is now, and their old site is a Canadian military recruitment one, or something.

  2. It's certainly got some really catchy riffs any melodies, but the morbid aspect can get a little creepy.
    Listen to "Peach Moon" by the Unicorns to cheer you up after listening to "I Don't Wanna DIe."
    The music videos are pretty entertaining, too.

  3. Buuut, another thing! The lead singer man needs to calm down the whole hair swishing thing. I like the hook hand man though, whatever his name is, he's just so adorable. Don't you want to wrap him up in a blanket and carry him around with you?!

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