Art Brut

Sardonic, Mark E. Smith-esque romps which, as my dear British colleagues say, “take the piss” out of “Top of the Pops” and other beloved mainstream icons. Unfortunately, these tracks are demo versions of sorts — several versions removed from the album takes, wherein the guitars typically come out in full force. Also on the Art Brut site are some really interesting remixes/mashups/covers (“Brutlegs,” as they call them), including a rap version of their uncharacteristically tender love song, “Emily Kane,” and “My Sharona Formed a Band,” which is fairly self-explanatory.

4 Replies to “Art Brut”

  1. Art Brut really does kick. That line about how they’re not singing, just talking, always cracks me up.

  2. Hello, love the site.
    Can i just point out though, they’re not taking the piss out of TOTP, the really do want to be on it.
    Also that version of TOTP is not the proper one (which you may already know of course), it is in fact by a guy called Sam Gournay from Hertfordshire.
    Just thought I’d mention

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