Forest Giants

Just because we all contribute to 3hive doesn’t mean we like the same bands. Jon’s got a thing for prog rock that I just don’t quite understand. Sean has his SoCal punk roots, but these days how bland is that? Joe, a Northerner, likes country! As for Shan, don’t get me started. That leaves Sam, and his lifelong obsession with Billy Bragg (likeable enough, as long as I don’t have to listen to him). But we all share common loves. Sam and I, we loved the Beatnik Filmstars. Forest Giants is the new band of Tim Rippington, formerly of the Beatniks, still cranking out beautiful noise, a la the Beatniks’ Laid Back and English. Mundane Sounds’ Volume Four Sampler includes Forest Giants and 14 other bands, all available for free download. And as for me, well, I’ve got impeccable taste!

4 Replies to “Forest Giants”

  1. My prog issues stem from wanting to like musicians who could play. Probably from a jazzhole/snooty background from years of piano lessons.

  2. clay, your criticism means a lot coming from someone who once listened to the farm’s “groovy train” like 40 times in a row…and had a special dance for betty boo’s “where are you baby?” :p

  3. Sam, you and I, we had a special dance, too, if you recall, for that song by…wasn’t it Ajax? “See me, feel me, hear me, love me, touch me…”
    The Farm thing, well, I think that would happen to anybody who’d gone to see them play at an outdoor ampitheatre where the rain started coming down about 30 seconds into “Groovy Train” and they immediately stopped and fled indoors with their gear.
    Betty Boo rules! Just ask my five year old!

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