Split Lip Rayfield

Serge, 3hive’s official pro bono legal counsel, announced a few months ago that he’s getting married, and to celebrate this exciting news (and see if there was any validity in it — he sent the email on April 1st, one year exactly after he told everyone he was going to be on The Apprentice, and got us all excited until we looked again at the date) I’m posting bluegrass. Serge is from Kentucky, and he likes to represent so much that I think bluegrass is all he listens to. Anyway, my neighbor Chuck sent me some links to Split Lip Rayfield that sound like the real thing, bluegrass, heavily tattooed and drunk. So Serge, I hope you’re actually getting married; if not, I hope you at least enjoy Split Lip Rayfield’s guitar, banjo, mandolin, and bass made out of an old gas tank.


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