Mark McKay

I haven’t played as much air guitar as I did while listening to “I Know You Rider” since seeing Joe Satriani at Cobo Hall in Detroit in 1987. His is a different style than Mark McKay’s, mind you, with the latter tapping into the vibe of a ghostly night highway in the middle of nowhere, as opposed to Joe’s blistering fretwork. Really, the two likely have very little in common, and I haven’t listened to a note played by Joe S. since the late 1980s. Anyway, to summarize, if you dig the country rock, choose Mark McKay, not Joe Satriani.

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  1. Thanks…great stuff I've haven't heard before. Deadheads, & Stevie Ray Vaughan fans will love this guy too.

  2. sounds like verve's a northern soul fronted by a throatier, contrier richard ashcroft. i like it. thanks.

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