In honor (or honour) of the final Star Wars installment, the wonderful Scottish band Ballboy have posted a home-recorded power pop gem called “Light Saber” which closes each line with that walkie-talkie static that used to make it so fun to play stormtroopers (“there she is, set for stun…shhk”). When not giving in to good side of The Force, Ballboy’s approach to songwriting can be summed up by the chorus to “The Art of Kissing”: “A little despair will go a long, long way.” And does it ever…

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  1. woo, i had no idea ballboy were still around. cheers for blogging this and giving me a little trip back in time to the days when scottish pop ruled my world. *pix

  2. On Laura Cantrell's website (, you can find an exquisite download of her rendition of "I Lost You, But I Found Country Music".
    It was done with Ballboy, at that, during one of the late Mr. Peel's Christmas sessions.

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