Someone Else

“An undying fear of commitment has fueled 24-year-old Sean O’Neal’s eclectic discography…” So began an interview I did with the Illadelph native, then of Flowchart, back in 1998 for URB. Seven years later, not much has changed — in that quite a lot has. Sean recently added netlabel unfoundsound to his stable of ventures (he also runs Fuzzy Box Records) while steering his music away from the richly layered drum ‘n’ bliss and quirky electronica of his Flowchart days toward wry, minimalist techno under the alias Someone Else. You gotta love a fool who can make your head bounce and put a smile on your face (just listen to those tweaked mouth noises on “Goofball”). These tracks make up the first of six unfoundsound releases to date; all are available as free, high-quality MP3s under a Creative Commons license (if anyone gets “sharing the sharing,” it’s Lawrence Lessig). There’s also an entire release of Philadelphia field sounds which unfoundsound invites you to mess around with and submit as a demo.

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  1. I still have the post-it note where you refer to Flowchart as a certain type of sub-genre. And you addressed me by referring to me as "Don".

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