The Weakerthans

In light of the recent discussion in Wisconsin to legalize cat hunting (if you haven’t heard about this, check here), it seems appropriate to post The Weakerthans, whose “Plea From a Cat Named Virtute” is actually told from the perspective of a cat. Katherine slipped me a disc of their melodic Canadian punk/pop, replete with a little steel guitar here and some blazing noise there, and it’s been the only rotation in my car’s CD player for a few weeks now. As for the licensed hunting of feral cats, it seems like The Weakerthans would likely not approve. To my knowledge, 3hive has no official position on the matter.

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  1. this completely made my day- thanks! i really like dancing around my house to a couple of these– you know i'm a big fan of happy music.

  2. we love those canadian anarchists (john k. samson will always be anit-establishment, I suppose) and thank you for the post. I believe it is actually "the last last ones". plural, but maybe not.

  3. Hate to add more corrections, but the cat's name is actually "Virtute" – no matter, really. If you ever get a chance to see the Weskerthans perform live, RUN to get tickets! I've always loved them, but saw them perform for the first time last weekend at a nice small intimate venue. It was the best thing in the history of best things. If I had to chose between Christmas and seeing the Weakerthans, the choice would be so easy…

  4. I'm not sure the cat's name is "Virtute."
    It says that on the link on the Weakerthans site, but it says "Virtue" when you follow the link. Their album, Reconstruction Site, has it as "Virtue," but Punk o Rama 9 (which also holds the track), has it as "Virtute."
    Some mystery here?

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