Had they offered up even one full MP3 I’d be reviewing this right now. Just as well, Ilkae suits my need for chilled-out electronic sounds just fine. I’m not talking about the soft-bellied glut of easy-listening Musak(TM) that’s out there these days passing as chill-out music. I like mine with just enough twittering clicks and clacks to keep things interesting. Ilkae’s golden like that, without overpowering their gentle, cinematic melodies.

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  1. Ilkae also has a release on the Merck record label called Pistachio Island. It’s a 45 track album to be played in shuffle as it states on the cover.

  2. theres a new one called 'bovine rearrangement' out on merck,
    and theres also a self-released album entitled 'stained glass pinata'

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