Imaginary Baseball League

If the kids in suburban Detroit are talking about an obscure indie band from Tennessee, it means: a) Imaginary Baseball League is going to be the Next Big Thing, b) someone here has a cousin in Murfreesboro whose best friend is dating IBL’s drummer, or c) the Internet really does work as a way for people with like interests to connect, thus overcoming the boundaries of distance, culture, etc. Whichever answer works for you, go with it, you know? And if you like what you hear of Imaginary Baseball League, first thank Megan and then check out their website for a bunch more downloadable tracks.

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  1. I think I’ve made more copies of their cd Revive in the past few months than any other I own…thanks for writing about them, Mr. Cislo! I heard they’re working on some new stuff, so we can hopefully expect more good things from Imaginary Baseball League in the future.

  2. I qualify as one of those kids in suburban Detroit who's talking about Imaginary Baseball League, so I feel compelled to comment here…
    Saw them at the End while in Nashville this past December and was completely enthralled. Aaron showed some great appreciation for the fans there by painstakingly making his way through their entire set w/ what he claimed were sore vocal cords from talking on the phone all day at work. If he hadn't said anything, I wouldn't have noticed. No weakness showed as far as I could tell, although it was a pretty short set. I was totally transformed into my younger self – buying all the merch I could get my hands on, signing up for mailing lists, etc. I almost feel a sense of duty to do what I can to help get their name out into the public. They seem to have a very loyal fan base there in Nashville. Almost like a huge family.
    It's also worth noting that they did a rendition of Silent Night, complete with sleigh bells, which had to be played from a back room b/c otherwise Aaron couldn't compose himself. It was pretty amusing.
    Excellent stuff. Thanks for posting the songs.

  3. Very good – I love “Statistics.” We’ll probably have to wait a while for them to hit the west coast on tour 😛

  4. yesssss. imaginary baaaseballl league is muy bien. scegan is by far the coolest music lover i know. maybe they will come to my house and play a concert for my birthday, you all are invited.

  5. i must say that IBL is a great band. i saw them in nashville at the cafe coco when they played for a benifit too the university radio station. and i have too say it was one of the greatest sounds i have heard… ibl has a …. i wanna say tacky style that got me… oh yeah. dude. if your reading this. my bad askin if you were the singer for the car administration. i was drunk…

  6. I believe i am one of those select individuals that megan made a copy of revive for (or my sistor at least)which i was quick to steal. They have rapidly became one of my favorite bands and i hope that new material is released soon. Thanks mr. cislo (joe) for spreading the word and for having one heck of a social studies class. I recommend everyone go the IBL’s site and download “From Arkansas, With Love”.

  7. This is one of my favorite bands ever, incredible musicians, fantasticly refreshing music, and a voice that seems to “hit all the spots” on a bad itch. But, I am sorry to say that these guys have split. This kind of hit me hard as I have listened to their newer CD everyday since my g/f left me and this music has been somewhat of a push for me to move on and live me life. So I guess I will do just that.

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