Brilliant and hilarious speech mash-ups of George W. Bush set to classic melodies. These are gonna make your day. Six more tracks are available on The Party Party site. I have DJ Longbeard to thank for turning me onto this stuff. I’m privileged to be on the air at KUCI right before his show Synchronicity. It’s chock full o’ fun like this…dig in.


10 Replies to “RX”

  1. maybe it's just me, but none of the download links work on either page. i get an html document saying:
    Song Play Error
    An error occurred while attempting to play the selected song. The error reported was: Invalid Request. The player type could not be determined, and is therefore not allowed.
    which is new to me. and seems odd since it was a "save as" attempt. please let me know if anyone else has this problem or finds a solution. i'm a big fan of "sunday bloody sunday," but haven't heard the rest. thanks.

  2. thanks Stephen! good eye. i was barely awake at 2am when i put that together. we count on our good friends to keep us on our toes….

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