The Killingtons

My friend Neal, an extreme-snowboarding pediatrician who also has a Ph.D. in Chemistry, is a big fan of The Killingtons. I can imagine him jumping off a helicopter somewhere in the Cascades or Rockies and carving heroically down the face of a mountain in order to set a broken bone or maybe perform a needed kidney transplant on a young child, who also happens to be snowboarding on the mountain, or maybe he’d just take some tissue samples so he could do some sciencey thing with them like look at them through a microscope. Whatever. Anyway, on his way down, Neal would surely listen to the steady adrenaline of “Weekend Drive” off The Killingtons’ California Life EP. Wait, in that case, maybe it should be Mammoth or Mt. Shasta…

6 Replies to “The Killingtons”

  1. Whoa, RAD! Snowboarding is so mad phat that it gives me the tingles down to my fizeet. The Killingtons are like the coolest ever, even cooler than taking a bath in a vat of Sunny Delight that has had all its sugar content removed and replaced with automatic mens' room air spritzers. God I'm so hungry! FEED ME!

  2. actually, for anyone interested, jk, the singer from the killingtons has a new band now called THE SECRET 6 and they are currently in the studio working on a record with hopes of it being out in may. check out for more info. if you liked the killingtons you’ll love this!

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