I was in New York, briefly, over the weekend with just enough time to buy a cheesecake from Carnegie Deli for my valentine (oh, she loved me for it), and to stroll through Central Park under Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s Gates. Piped into my head through the trusty iPod, Pepito’s playful, stuttering pop was a wonderful audio accompanyment.

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  1. thanks for sharing pepito! i can indeed imagine listening to them while walking down the streets of new york. the smell of cold piercing my nose and the warm rays of sunshing caressing my face. their playful sound reverberating through my mind via my ipod. they sort of remind me of architecture in helsinki; new, fun, different.

  2. Liked the song but those orange curtains are rediculous. They should have donated the construction money and materials to people who have nothing to eat or who are freezing on the streets. Are you people that artistically starved out there? Check out Christo and Jean-Claude respond in the 'common errors' on their website. It is hilarious- they are so obviously offended at the interpretations of their 'projects' around the world. It's not wrapping! It's surrounding!

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