The Gossip

We all go through phases. Some are developmental, like my two year old’s tantrum/fit last night upon leaving the Taco Bell play-place. Some are musical, like me listening to almost nothing but The High Water Marks and 30 Amp Fuse the past two weeks. So to break me out of my phase, here’s The Gossip, a trio of ladies who relocated from Searcy, Arkansas, to Olympia, Washington, who I think are no more. If PJ Harvey fronted the Blues Explosion, the Gossip would still do gospel-shaking, blues-tinged rock ‘n’ roll better…Addendum: Thanks to a 3hive reader, it’s been confirmed that The Gossip have played a show as recently as a few months ago, so hopefully they’re still around.

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  1. I saw the Gossip play at Northsix on Oct. 29th 2004 for Ladyfest East. They had a different drummer but they were definately still kickin. If they are no more now, well, that's a shame.

  2. Yeah for the Gossip! Talk about some singing pipes! She reminds me of a church singer, you know, deep, long notes, ones that come from deep inside. I found the Gossip through K records, only to learn that they were playing a show in MI. However it was 18 plus, and well, you can figure out why I didn't go. To make matters worse, they were going to play with La Tigre. Bummer.

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