We Are Scientists

My red Rickenbacker 620, the poor thing, doesn’t get picked up much these days. Job, age, fatherhood, soccer, home ownership, the price of 9-volt batteries…they’ve all conspired to keep me from my guitar and my Maestro Fuzztain pedal (which, by the way, is the size of two calculus textbooks; I bought it cause Kurt Heasley of the Lilys used one). A couple of bands over the few last years have inspired me to pick my guitar up, like the late great Henry’s Dress (whenever I miss them) and more recently The High Water Marks and Louis XIV. But now I think I’ve found the perfect inspiration: We Are Scientists. Anybody want to join my We Are Scientists cover band? If I may quote the We Are Scientists website, “Bring yourself and your dignity; only one of you will leave.”


14 Replies to “We Are Scientists”

  1. cover band, huh?
    just guessing, but i think that "we are scientists" comes from the cap'n jazz song of that name. just speculating.
    great song.

  2. This is a fan, directly from the WAS message board. If you actually do the cover band thing, please post in their forums and let us all know. We will enjoy it. Thanks.

  3. those guys have got the weirdest website, they had it before they even became a band. the advice is actually real, and their music is so hot. loving them in england right now.

  4. This is one of the best three man bands out there, with maybe the exception of Audible Silence and PFR… Check em' out.

  5. wooo .. they're going to play at music live in middlesbrough empire next sunday .. and i'm gunna be there!! damn right!! yay! =D …

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