Rachael Cantu

In the “girl-with-acoustic-guitar” sub-genre, it can sometimes be difficult to, well, not sound exactly like every other song that fits the category. Rachael Cantu manages to clear out some space of her own, with a sense of maturity and experience that seemingly can’t match up with her age and offer these thoughtfully pleasant tracks. The assistance of Mates of State‘s Kori Gardner on “Summer of Cycling” doesn’t hurt, either.
P.S. You can also catch Rachael Cantu providing guest vocals for Limbeck and on tour with Tegan and Sara.

ED NOTE: the mp3 links are now dead. Sorry for the inconvenience.


15 Replies to “Rachael Cantu”

  1. …well i think if rachel’d read this message should be glad to know that her beautiful songs crossed the ocean to play here in Italy

  2. RACHAEL YOU ROCK… dont let anyone get you down…i love the pace and the deepness of your music
    boring my ass its awesome and unique
    U rock my world

  3. I personal Love your music! I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, however whatever that opinion may be, I feel that it should be expressed respectfully. I apologize on the behalf of those who expressed their opinion in a tacky fashion. You are a delightful treat for my ears! Don’t listen to those who appear to be too immature to use some decency and respect in their critiquing.

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