If you listen to the critics (and who doesn’t?), this is Kanye West’s year. If Archetype have it their way, all eyes will be on their native Lawrence, Kansas, not Chicago’s South Side, in 2005. They’re starting their takeover by offering better than half of their music for download, so take advantage while the getting’s good. Nezbeat’s refreshingly ecclectic mix of samples (from opera to gospel) and tempos (from old school breaks to drum ‘n’ bass) along with I.D.’s unflinching flow won’t keep them on the fringe for long.
Note: This isn’t the metal band of the same name that you’ll see if you search on Amazon or Insound (so, just this once, ignore those links and go to the artists’ site for purchase information).

5 Replies to “Archetype”

  1. hey, you know what would be really great (and you’ve done this occasionally) – when posting more than 2 songs, indicate which is your immediate favorite. This site is great – a daily read for me.

  2. we generally try to put the newest and/or most favorite songs at the top, assuming those will be the first ones to get clicked. glad you like the site!

  3. archetype reminds me of Zion I, very good stuff. one of those bands i can put in a semi-mellow mix and just let play in the background with a bunch of people over.
    also, coming here is a daily tradition for me, and has been for months. don’t stop sharing the sharing any time soon :). And props to whoever posted Mirah, I bought some CDs and told some friends and they bought some CDs and they told some friends and they bought some CDs, and, well, let’s just say making songs available for free online can make a lot of money very fast if your music doesn’t suck.

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