In honor of the Red Rovers Football Club winning the Fall 2004 Coed Division One Championship of the Greater Memphis Soccer Association, I’m sharing the official MP3 of the Red Rovers, Barcelona’s “Kasey Keller,” even though my favorite American goalkeeper is Brad Friedel since he plays for my beloved Blackburn Rovers. I liked Kasey when he played for Leicester City, and I can understand why he went to Rayo Vallecano in Spain, but I mean, come on, Tottenham Hotspur? Yes, I’m a geek, which goes right along with Barcelona’s lovely geekpop. Be sure to check out the Sprites if you haven’t already. Barcelona R.I.P.

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  1. I've gotta give Clay full credit for turning me on to Barcelona back in the day. A strong staple in my music diet ever since….I can't believe it's taken you this long to post them Clay!

  2. Wow… another Blackburn fan in the States, whodathunkit? (although I'm an ex-pat myself)
    Brad Friedel should have his own song… he is, and has been Rovers best player for quite some time now.

  3. I’ve always liked the music on 3hive: now it appears there are another two Rovers fans here as well? It might be the perfect site!

  4. Yeah, and to Spurs, of all teams.
    Thank you lads for your support. It's rather like an AA meeting. "Hi, I'm Clay, and I'm a Rovers supporter." Where we can gather and support each other in our addiction.
    I was living in Northern Ireland around Christmas 1989 when somehow I caught a brief glimpse of the blue-and-white halves on television. I have no idea why Blackburn was on, they were still in the old First Division. Kenny Daglish was still at Liverpool. But at that very moment, the clouds parted and the sun shown down from heaven on the television, and I knew that Rovers would be my team for evermore.

  5. Yeah, well we need all the support we can get.
    YOU just try actually hailing from Blackburn. Then every time you tell someone they have to make a quip about "4,000 holes". It gets rather annoying after awhile.

  6. Yo, why you gotta hate on Spurs? Don’t kick someone when he’s down. Let’s save our loathing for Arse, ManUre, and Chelski.

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