Singapore Sling

This one goes out to my man Adam Filipkowski, wherever you may be. Adam tried to get me in trouble in high school and, for the most part, failed miserably — unless of course you count my otherwise inexplicable love for dark, brooding rock ‘n’ roll. Adam forced me to listen to his favorite band at the time, Sisters of Mercy, until something in me clicked. He also taught me how to make homemade mashed potatoes. These days I don’t know how much Adam, who last we spoke was spinning/producing some wicked drum ‘n’ bass under the moniker Ego Rock, would care for Singapore Sling. But the fact that they’ve burrowed right into my earhole can be credited to him nonetheless. Good lookin’, Adam…

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  1. Hey I know Adam Filipkowski. He was my prom date. Seriously. Looking for him to give him his copy of our photo together. Where is he?

  2. wow i never realized i would be immortalized in a web post on a music site. gee thanx, Sam and Jenn. yes it is I, Adam Filipkowski. my assistant found this page clowning around, and now here i am. if either of you two people would shoot me an email i would love that. btw…sam thanks for introducing me to big black and other gems back then…i am still listening and nerding out on music!

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