Taken from young Conor Oberst’s rockin’ thesis on everything wrong with modern-day U.S.A., this is my last attempt to get out the vote. Here’s to a brighter future, so Conor can go back to singing about failed relationships with movie stars…

15 Replies to “Desaparecidos”

  1. I definately am not digging the Desaparecidos invisible symbolism. oh wait, is there any? Don't get me wrong I'm a fan just a little… bored and antsy for some new Bright Eyes material.

  2. i love desaparecidos, but it’s so hard to get a hold of any of their cds that i am more familiar with bright eyes. still, they’re so different it’s hard to really compare.

  3. desaparecidos is a great band, but bright eyes is still better. i would love any kind of music that conor oberst makes. desa is really good, i can’t wait for their album. do they have any shows?

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