Nothing new from Komeit, but rather a Komeit tribute by Robert Lippok (To Roccoco Rot). Actually, even Lippok’s album is about six months old… I just felt like I needed an excuse to post Komeit’s “3 Hours.” I don’t know if they have Indian Summer in Germany, or what it would be called if they do, but this track feels like a warm spell in September. So there. There’s my excuse.


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  1. The concept "Indian summer" to most Germans would signify I think the part of autumn in which foliage colors are at their brightest. The English concept of Indian summer (an unseasonable reprise of warm, summer weather) probably comes closer to Nachsommer, or Altweibersommer (literally after-summer or old wive's summer).
    Germans as you may know are pagan sun-worshipers at heart, perhaps because they survive in a gray and often cheerless clime — hence the need for multiple terms while Yanks, who have too much sun anyway, can make do with one.
    Thanks for the Komeit!

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