Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Suburban apologist I’ll cop to, but Suburbanite with kids with Biblical names I ain’t. Cairo we got from a Cure song; Pallas, well, email me if you don’t have to Google the name to know where it came from and I’ll be really impressed; and Jasper — although the word is found in the Bible it’s not a name — is named after the artist Jasper Johns.

This band is a MUST download. Their name says it all. A delightful sense of humor to go along with their keen sense of melody and wit. A musical embodiment of why I do 3hive. Discovering SKWBN gave me a third wind and kept me way up past bedtime…

06/22/06 Update: Suburban Kids Get Minty + New MP3s

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  1. Hey, you're right Chris! Here are the lyrics to "People" in their entirety:
    Moments can be monuments to you
    If your life is interesting and true.
    It's just the same for a man or a girl,
    The meaning of the world lies outside thw world.
    People love people and they understand
    if you wanna renovate your background mind
    (a federal woman needs a municipal man)
    people gotta synchronize to animal time.
    You can't change the feeling
    but you can change your feelings about the feeling in a second or two…
    People always come around.
    I'm studying the ceiling on a little afternoon
    and when I paint my dining room
    people gonna come around.
    I love to see a rainbow from a garden hose
    lit up like the blood of a centerfold
    I love the city and the city rain,
    suburban kids with biblical names.
    People ask people to watch their scotch.
    People send people up to the moon.
    When they return, well there isn't much.
    People be careful not to crest too soon.
    The drums march along at the clip of an I.V. drip
    like sparks from a muffler dragged down the strip.
    I really hope you'll come around.
    It's sunny and 75. It feels so good to be alive.
    Come on baby let's stay inside.
    Everybody's coming out tonight.

  2. i really like that rent-a-wreck song. found these guys on the labrador site after being turned on 'the legends' via glad to see you like em too!

  3. I don't see how you could not like them. I imagine it's exactly what you need for those long drawn out Sweedish nights. They are fantastic and deserve to be huge

  4. sean, re: kid naming–
    i knew about pallas and just learned about cairo, but what's up with jasper? what is it in the good book? is it a noun? you know i like words, and you've got me intrigued on this one… what is it? what is it?
    ps jane is named after goodall and addams, probably in that order

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