The Decemberists

Get this: Trumping all other religions, Target is extending their holiday season from October through February. Five months of worshipping the almighty dollar! It’s in this spirit that 3hive brings you The Decemberists in August. A delightful hybrid of folk, pop, and prog rock, The Decemberists create a rich, musical world that you’re happy to be sucked into. Their last album, Her Majesty The Decemberists, sounds something like The Great Appalachian Novel, and their recent offering, The Tain, is loosely based on the epic book of the same name (considered the Illiad of Irish mythology). Literate, intelligent pop at its finest.

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  1. quite possibly the best thing i've come across in the past 12 months. jon's rawkin' wife, heather, clued me into them via her site a while back. thank you thank you thank you.

  2. Oh MAN! How did I not know about these guys before? I'm with Anneka on this one, the Decemberists are fucking awesome. I'm totally buying this and staying interested for at least a couple weeks!

  3. portland puts out the odd ones.
    but we love ourselves for it!
    i own Castaways & Cutouts. brilliant lyrics, brilliant tunes.
    love 'em lots.

  4. Colin Meloy is a musical genious. The Decemberists music is incredible, and if you ever get to check out his previous band, Tarkio, you will love their music as well. Tarkio is a little more "mainstream" than The Decemberists, but some of my alltime favorite Colin Meloy tunes are on the Tarkio CD.

  5. The Decemberists combine their wide range of talents with erudition and wit to create the musical euphoria that allows me to once again believe in the aristry, ingenuity, and potential of modern music.
    They are incredible live as well as on CD. Colin Meloy's sound is unlike any other I've heard. I am eternally grateful for what they have given the music world, and I strongly encourage anyone to take a minute to listen to them.

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