Mahjongg is an ancient Chinese tile game responsible for the academic downfall of countless college students. The band Mahjonng has similar powers with their frenzied pop disarray (a la the supremely underrated Beatnik Filmstars). Be strong.

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  1. They just got a glowing live review on Pitchfork Media posted on May 26, 2005.
    Here's the last paragraph:
    All this is to say, perhaps the question with Mahjongg is less "what if indie kids played dance music?" and more "what if hippie music collectives were talented, made good music, and weren't full of hippies?" As with the last time Mahjongg played Providence, the crowd consisted of five to ten scrawny white people dancing terribly, but without any air of self-consciousness. As someone who's participated in half-assed hipster dancing for the sake of feeling cool on more than one occasion, it was pretty liberating to let loose and dance like a total stupid asshole without actually feeling like a total stupid asshole. Go see this band.

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