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  1. ray barbee is an excellent skateboarder and an excellent musician. his music and style has has changes my life forever

  2. i saw ray barbee at a syracuse skateboard demo in ny one time and he was smiling the whole time. watching him skate with people like lance mountain, jud heald, and anthony carney at that demo is what made me start skateboarding. listening to his music makes me want to go play some jazz on my drums. he's an inspiration.

  3. Saw him on the cap'n and casey show. Mr. Barbee played a solo and kept a smile on his face the whole time!

  4. Ray is a dear friend of my son-in-law. He is not just an amazing musician and skateboarder, but a remarkable human being.

  5. Guys i so do feel the same way, his music just blows my mind and makes me wanne surf SO bad… I really want to see ray & tommy perform does anyone know where i can see these fella's ? i live in amsterdam but i don t mind cathing em anywhere. ITS a must 🙂
    p.s does anyone have any tabs for guitar play on any of the two ?

  6. I met Ray in about I think it was 1987 at skate demo at Rollerskate Factory Outlet in South Carolina. It was Ray, Lance, Jim Thiebaud, and couple other great skaters, but anyway Ray smiled all the time then. I see thim as being the Father of modern street skating. Kudos Ray! You'll always be my favorite Legend.

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