The High Violets

Shimmering shoegazer goodness from up Portland way in a variety of flavors, from psychedelic to folksy to poppy. The High Violets may be a cast of many but they have two key components: Cliff Sargent’s blistering guitar and Kaitlyn ni Donavan’s angelic pipes. I’m so hooked, I put the TV on mute during the MTV Movie Awards so I can could listen to them (made for an interesting A/V mashup with Christina Aguilera’s live performance).

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Lab Partners

Sean recently cleverly elaborated on the Circle of Life. Not of the Lion King, but of music, in his post about Mr. Comicstore. So for folks like me who invested so much time, money, etc., in the space/psych rock of the 90’s (think Jessamine, Space Needle, Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and many others), we’re about to see that come around again, starting here with Lab Partners. Sure they’ve been releasing albums from Dayton, Ohio, for 7 years, but the first to the market is the one who gets all the attention.

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