Cary Brothers

So, I’m clueless enough to not have realized for at least a year or two now that Cary Brothers isn’t, you know, like a duo of siblings or whatever. Anyway, here’s the story: Lisa S. gave me a copy of the Garden State soundtrack, and I love that song “Blue Eyes” and I’ve wanted to track down the singer ever since, but I just never got around to it. (See name of record label for full joke.) And then I’m looking through the 17,000,000 bands that played South By Southwest this past spring (all those MP3s are still live, by the way) and there they — oops, no — he, is. (This might be why 3hive writers don’t get paid.) So, here’s Cary’s track from the SXSW page, plus a few live & demo tracks from his website. He’s got a fabulous sad voice, perfect for this cover of “Skyway,” and good folk-country-rock sensibilities. He can even get a little trippy, like in “Ride.” So, yeah, enjoy the product of my cluelessness.

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