Floating Action

I love having people in my life who are just as obsessed with finding new music as I am. This find comes from my cousin Ben, and It’s a pretty darn good find.

Floating Action is from North Carolina, the band consists mostly of one person, Seth Kauffman, who sings and plays everything except the pedal steel on this, his third release Desert Etiquette. The album was written and recorded in a matter of about 4 days, and it shows, but not in a bad way. The songs are loose, but not sloppy, as a whole the album have a very casual feel to it. Both songs included below, “Eye of A Needle” and “Well Hidden” are both chilled out, and laid-back. So get out your chaise lounge, and put your feet up, grab your favorite beverage, and relax to some smooth indie rock.

Floating Action – Eye of A Needle from Desert Etiquette (2011)

Floating Action – Well Hidden from Desert Etiquette (2011)


Things are always bigger in Texas, right? And Tulsa’s in Oklahoma, which is next to Texas, and thus things should be a little bit bigger there too. Um, yeah. This Tulsa’s actually from Boston, but they’ve got some big sound, and lots of it. The three songs below, from the recently released album I Was Submerged offer up a good idea of what the band’s all about. Some shimmer here and some crunching guitar there, understatement in one track (“Shaker,” which might be my favorite of the bunch) and a little 1990s Brit-rock swagger in another (“Mass”) — good stuff to fill the wide open spaces.

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Dr. Dog

The details are sketchy, but Dr. Dog is the raison d’etre for the label Park The Van. Now settled in as a five piece, Dr. Dog boasts an alumni membership of 20 strong, all contributing in some small or large way to Philadelphia’s premier basement band. Dr. Dog loves nothing more to get their hands good and dirty, digging around in lo-fi dirt, 4-tracking the night away. With roots reaching down deep to Beach Boys and Beatles bedrock, they sow and reap pop blossoms cross-pollinated with Grandaddy, Ween, and Pavement. I’ve had their album shuffling through my library for over a year and shame on me for not sharing until now. But now’s as good a time as any to be a Dr. Dog fan. Next month the band releases a new EP, Takers and Leavers, then heads out on the road with Cold War Kids on their way to joining The Raconteurs tour as main support.

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