Walker Kong

I dreamt I had already posted Walker Kong. I searched our archives assuming I’d find this Minneapolis band somewhere among the many pop gems from the past. You’ve heard what happens when one assumes. In order to avoid any name-calling, here we go with Walker Kong: happy-go-lucky tunes with a touch of Grateful Dead, especially the vocals and the vocal melodies on “Andy Warhol.” The comparison’s a stretch, but I’m running with it. Listen for them to name-drop this site on that same song. Another stretch. Work with me here. The next two tracks are examples from previous albums. Fleeting moments of Lloyd Cole and Beulah provide further terms of endearment. Which reminds me: over the weekend I read a great article by the playwright Lisa Loomer, who was particularly depressed over this quotation: “97% of what people perceive is what they already believe.” Apply that to music and I’m guilty as charged. If one band sounds like another that I know and love I’m drawn much quicker to that new band. And this world is in desperate need of smart, literate, pop bands. Walter Kong…perceive and believe!

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Tullycraft warmed my heart what seems like years ago (six, to be exact) with the wood-paneled indie pop of City of Subarus. Now they’re back and cheeky as ever (see “Twee”) with Sean Tollefson’s squeaky vocals and jam-packed verses still leading the onslaught of loose, mischievous pop capers.
[Big ups to Nick C. for dropping Tullycraft in our suggestion box.]

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