Oliver North Boy Choir

I always get a kick out of bands who appropriate and regurgitate a public figure’s name into something great and weird. And while Oliver North Boy Choir can’t compete with the handle The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza they school them in terms of melody and listenability (in the opinion of this old man. I’m sure the kids go ape for TTDTDE). “Shell for the Mourning” has the schizophrenic energy of a Cornelius track. Bursts of fuzzed-out guitars intercut with lulling electronics while a frenetic beat keeps everything going along at a brisk clip until the bridge where the singer carries on a call and response with a Speak & Spell. The singer’s calm, cool delivery, she sounds as if she could be Laetitia Sadier’s younger sister, stands in contrast with the rest of the track, with the exception of the few lyrics I caught in the chorus, “another rope for your neck” and “another wound from a bullet.” They just add to the sweetly subversive texture of the rest of the song. An important postscript: “Shell for the Mourning” is the next output from this Danish trio who exclusively release singles digitally. They’ve accepted and embraced the much-prophisied demise of the album as an art form without sacrificing the stereo-life of their music.

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