Fake Fruit

Fake Fruit | Fake Fruit| 3hive.com
Fake Fruit | Fake Fruit| 3hive.com

San Francisco’s Fake Fruit is the newest addition to the already stellar Rocks In Your Head roster and they fit like a glove. Their just released, self-titled album is 30+ minutes of high-end lo-fi, post-punk goodness packed with pounding drums, chugging bass lines and piercing guitars. It’s solid stuff.

Check out “Old Skin”, “Stroke My Ego” and “Milkman” below for a sample.

Fake Fruit is out now and available digitally and on vinyl via Rocks In Your Head. Enjoy.


Backhand | Kiki Alarcon | 3hive.com
Backhand | Kiki Alarcon | 3hive.com

Orem, Utah’s “Team of Winners”, Backhand, are like the Tasmanian Devil, leaving mass destruction in their wake. They’re like the biker gang from Hell in Weird Science, who show up to crash your party and destroy your mom’s Three Dog Night record collection.

Take the title track from their debut EP, Kiki Alarcon, it starts out like a nice indie rock song and as soon as you start to get comfortable the brass knuckles are out and you’re picking your teeth up from off the floor. Most of the EP is this way – which is FANTASTIC – and I highly recommend the beat down.

Kiki Alarcon is out now on cassette and digitally via UPHERE! Records. If you live in the Salt Lake – Provo area you can swing by the 3hive Record Lounge and snag yourself a copy. I am looking forward to lots more from these guys. Enjoy.

Fox Face

Fox Face | End of Man | 3hive.com
Fox Face | End of Man | 3hive.com

Milwaukee 4-piece Fox Face punch you in the mouth and then kick you while you’re down with their blistering, heavy (à la early Sleater-Kinney) brand of punk rock on their newest album, End of Man.

Check out the title track below. Their label PR calls it the “best song Black Sabbath never wrote”. That description nails it!

End of Man is available now via Dirtnap Records. I highly recommend it.

Permanent Collection

Permanent Collection | Nothing Good Is Normal | 3hive.com
Permanent Collection | Nothing Good Is Normal | 3hive.com

“Nothing good is normal” is a great slogan to live life by. I have this slogan as one of the rotating desktops on my computer at work. It helps remind me to be myself and to try not to worry about what others think of me. Nothing Good Is Normal is also the title of Jason Hendardy’s new album (and first since 2012) under the moniker Permanent Collection.

Nothing Good Is Normal is 24 minutes of fuzzed-out, LOUD as hell punk rock tunes that will thrash your speakers and leave you begging for more. Check out my favorite track “Nothing Else” below. Nothing Good Is Normal is available now via Bandcamp. I highly recommend that you buy the album and strive to live your life by its title too. Enjoy.

Double Date With Death

Double Date With Death | L'Au-Delà | 3hive.com
Double Date With Death | L'Au-Delà | 3hive.com

Montreal’s Double Date With Death bring the fuzz in large doses on their new LP L’Au-Delà. Their heavy-chugging, lo-fi, garage punk sound is similar to bands like (Thee) Oh Sees and Ty Segall.

Check out “Forêt” and “Flourescent” (below) for a sampling of how good this album is.

L’Au-Delà is available now via Howlin’ Banana Records and DDWD’s Bandcamp page.

Kiwi Jr.

Kiwi Jr. | Football Money | 3hive.com
Kiwi Jr. | Football Money | 3hive.com

Kiwi Jr.’s debut LP Football Money is a nice trip down the 90’s indie rock memory lane, think Pavement meets Possum Dixon. Give the jangly “Salary Man” a spin for a taste. Football Money is packed with enough pop to keep you bouncing for days. I think it’s cured the sinus infection I’ve been battling for the past three weeks. Thanks, Kiwi Jr.

Football Money is out now and available via Persona Non Grata Records and Mint Records. Enjoy.


Necking | Cut Your Teeth | 3hive.com
Necking | Cut Your Teeth | 3hive.com

Vancouver four-piece, Necking, break necks and smash faces with their 9 chunky blasts of punk rock goodness (à la 90’s Sleater-Kinney) that make up their latest album Cut Your Teeth. Check out the ferocious “Big Mouth” and “Go Getter” below to get yourself hooked.

Cut Your Teeth is available now via Mint Records. This sucker shreds. I highly recommend it.

Todd’s Favorites of 2019

2019 was another great year for music, below are my top ten favorite albums 2019:

  1. Business of Dreams – Ripe For Anarchy [Slumberland]
  2. Select Level – S/T [Wax Thématique]
  3. Pinch Points – Moving Parts [Roolette/Six Tonnes De Chair]
  4. Oh Sees – Face Stabber [Castle Face]
  5. Modern Nature – How To Live [Bella Union]
  6. Cherry Glazerr – Stuffed & Ready [Secretly Canadian]
  7. Trampoline Team – S/T [Hozac]
  8. Cold Showers – Motionless [Dais]
  9. Czarface – The Odd Czar Against Us! [Silver Age]
  10. Altin Gün – Gece [ATO]

Also for your aural pleasure (and my own), I have attached a handy-dandy playlist of some my favorite songs from 2019…

Trampoline Team

Trampoline Team | Trampoline Team | 3hive.com
Trampoline Team | Trampoline Team | 3hive.com

New Orleans’ Trampoline Team beat your eardrums to a pulp on their sophomore, self-titled LP. Their razor-sharp guitar licks, pummeling drums and wicked fast, chugging bass lines are on point and in your face from start to finish.

Give the burner “Must Be Nice” (below) a spin for a quick taste – it’s a good one.

Trampoline Team is punk rock gold. It’s out now via HoZac Records and I highly recommend it.

Vision 3D

Vision 3D | Vision 3D | 3hive.com
Vision 3D | Vision 3D | 3hive.com

Vision 3D bring their grimy, punk rock A-game on their debut self-titled LP. The album cover alone should tell you this is going to be a winner (it is!). Bassist/vocalist Lulu Sabbath’s powerful vocals shine along side her chugging bass lines and the aural assault caused by Ced’s guitar work and Calamiti’s drumming. Check out the burner “Fan” below for a taste.

Vision 3D is out now, digitally, via Six Tonnes De Chair, Belly Button Records and Wake In Fright Records. It’s soon to be released on wax as well so keep your eyes peeled for that. Enjoy.