Bishop Allen

Bishop Allen really shouldn’t need an introduction on this site. In fact, they have been mentioned a few times in previous posts. Needless to say, we are big fans of Bishop Allen’s infectious brand of pop music. Five years removed from their killer release, Grrr…, Bishop Allen are set to unleash their fouth LP, Lights …

Bishop Allen Video

Justin from Bishop Allen sent over the link to their new video for “Dimmer.” Says he, “It involves homemade props, a jell-o mold, rear projection and some truly fancy scissor-work. We were hoping to make something that felt like videos from when we were kids, and we discovered MTV, and it blew our minds. This, of course, when MTV was a much different animal.
Also, we’re following our upcoming US tour with a bunch of European dates. For more: or”
We remember those golden days of MTV too Justin and we appreciate your efforts at keep keeping it real a la MTV circa ’81. Their new album comes out today. Get yourself some Grrr…

Bishop Allen

Joe’s post: 11/08/07
So, it’s been a few years since Clay posted Bishop Allen, and they’ve had an ambitious EP project (one per month of 2006) and a new album, The Broken String, from 2007. What I really want to know though is, Clay, what ever happened with Marci? I mean, did she hook you up with any good music? Or was it more like a fleeting moment of common interest? Anyway, the links from your old Bishop Allen post were dead, so here are some new ones. I could listen to “Click Click Click Click” all day.
from The Broken String:
Click Click Click Click [MP3, 4.2MB, 192kbps]
Rain [MP3, 6.5MB, 256kbps]
Clay’s original post: 11/06/04
Marci’s her name. I think the first thing she said to me was along the lines of, “Do you like good music?” That led to a CD exchange: her Bishop Allen Charm School to me, my Postal Service Give Up to her. I also threw in my Christmas 2003 mix for good measure, just to see if she liked good music. Now I swear Bishop Allen has been used on some Fox and/or WB show, you know at the end the voiceover says “Tonight’s episode of the ‘OC’ featured music by…(then lowering his voice an octave)…Bishop Allen.” I know the natural reaction is to immediately reject all bands featured on the OC, but please, I ask you, give Bishop Allen a chance. Hmmm, when’s the season premier of the ‘OC’?
from Charm School:
Things Are What You Make of Them [MP3, 4.5MB, 160kbps]
From the December and January EPs:
Calendar [MP3, 4.5MB, 192kbps]
The Bullet & Big D [MP3, 7.4MB, 192kbps]

Play It As It Lays 2009 Review

Last night’s playlist in which I reviewed the bands and/or songs I played most during the year. I organize the bands into three sections: Coach, Business Class, and First Class. First Class had the most spins, etc. The show, Play It As It Lays, airs Wednesday nights from 8-10 PST. You can stream the station online at

Play It As It Lays #384
Frequent Flyers 2009

Business Class

God Help The Girl–mary’s market [matador]
It Hugs Back–work day [4ad]
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart–higher than the stars [slumberland](mp3)
The Depreciation Guild–dream about me [kanine](mp3)
A Place to Bury Strangers–in your heart *cereal spiller remix [mute]
Gus Gus–moss [royal flush]
Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls–disco loco [ubiquity]
Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins–mimi tatonka [ubiquity]
The Whitefield Brothers–rampage [now again/stones throw]
Yo La Tengo–periodically double or triple [matador](mp3)
Esser–headlock [chocolate industries]
Bishop Allen–the ancient common sense of things [dead oceans](mp3)
Asobi Seksu–me & mary [polyvinyl]
Jason Lytle–yours truly, the commuter [anti]
Bibio–the palm of your wave [warp]
First Class
Mr. Scruff–kalimba [ninja tune]
Quantic & His Combo Barbaro–arianita [tru thoughts]
The Clonious–bugs n’ fools [ubiquity]
Most played artist/song this year (I spun them the most last year too. I think I like them):
The Raveonettes–last dance [vice](mp3)
The xx–basic space [young turks/xl]
Liechtenstein–roses in the park [slumberland](mp3)
Sonic Youth–sacred trickster [matador](mp3)
Japandroids–young hearts spark fire [polyvinyl](mp3)
The Heavy–how you like me now? [counter]
Mexican Institute of Sound–escribeme pronto [nacional]
Rebotini–the spirit of boogie [le plan]

3hive’s Top 50 of 2009

Let’s go ahead and take a look back on 2009. Here are the most viewed reviews from bands we posted this year on 3hive. Not all of them necessarily released new music this year, though most did. From the top:
1. Bishop Allen
“The Ancient Common Sense of Things” [MP3]

2. The Radio Dept.
“David” [MP3]

3. Black Moth Super Rainbow
“Twin of Myself” [MP3]

4. Castiotone for the Painfully Alone
“Old and Panda Days” [MP3]

5. Milke
“Love Get Out of My Way” [MP3]

6. Lloyd Cole
“Coattails” [MP3]

7. Barzin
“Stayed Too Long in This Place” [MP3]

8. Dan Deacon
“Hi My Name is Robert” [MP3]

9. Men Without Pants
“My Balloon” [MP3]

10. Faunts
“It Hurts Me All the Time” [MP3]

11. Ruckus Roboticus
12. Hope Sandoval
13. Gnarls Barkley
14. Laura Gibson
15. Autokratz
16. The Very Most
17. Loyal Divide
18. The Depreciation Guild
19. Etienne de Crecy
20. John Hopkins
21. The Boy Koan
22. The Deep Dark
23. Paper Moon
24. Not Waving but Drowning
25. The Slew
26. The Soft Pack
27. Julie Doiron
28. William Fitzsimmons
29. Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls
30. The Pains of Being Alone
31. The Layaways
32. Lymbyc System
33. The Von Bondies
34. Nickodemus
35. Kathleen Edward
36. Helicopters
37. The Submarines
38. Dag Nasty
39. Rae Spoon
40. Point Juncture, WA
41. Mr. Quintron
42. Osborne
43. The Sky Drops
44. Irving
45. The Mattson 2
46. Luke Top
47. Mr. Russia
48. Papermoons
49. Miles Tilmann
50. O+S