The Black Tambourines

Not to be confused with the singular Black Tambourine (U.S.A.) that released an album in the late 80s on Slumberland Records, The Black Tambourines (U.K.) record in the here and now yet sound straight out of the 60s. They do, however, share an affinity for noisy, pegging the red, wall of sound guitars. Their lo-fi aesthetic jibes well with such contemporaries as Wavves and No Age, but their musical style leaves me longing for LA’s neo-psychedelic sound of the mid-80s, especially on “27-25 Blues.” No matter your generation, if you need a dose of fuzzed-out rock ‘n’ roll that sounds like it was recorded in your garage, The Black Tambourines can fix you up.

The Black Tambourines – 27-25 Blues

Art is Hard Records
The Black Tambourines

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