Paper Moon

A few months ago (or more, I forget exactly), Paper Moon released an EP that made me pretty excited about the release of Only During Thunderstorms, the band’s third full-length release. Well, that release happened two days ago, and that smooth ’80s-ish Paper Moon pop is still there, with hooks and catches and everything you’d ever want in bountiful abundance. I’m already a fan, so there’s not much point in being objective; this album makes me happy.

Say It’s All Over [MP3, 4.1MB, 320kbps]
What Are You Going To Do With Me [MP3, 349MB, 192kbps]

Original post: 06/09/06
You gotta check out the opening keyboard lick on Paper Moon’s “Mercury is Clearly Opposing Neptune.” It fits right in with the popped collars all the high school kids are wearing these days — 1986? ’87? Even the little hitch in Allison Shevernoha’s voice about 30 seconds into the song reminds me of the old days. If you teenagers of the Reagan years seek a few minutes of nostalgia, or you modern reenactors are wondering what things sounded like back then, look no further than the catchy pop of Winnipeg’s Paper Moon.

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  1. These songs are amazing – it's funny, you talked up the Mercury is Clearly Opposing Neptune tune, so I grabbed that first to check these guys out, and thought it was pretty good so I listened to String of Blinking lights…
    All I can say is WOW
    How have I not heard of these guys? Seems like they haven't made a foray into the states yet which is tragic. Awesome music, thanks for the post

  2. I stumbled across these guys about a year ago and fell absolutely in love. I can listen to their 'Broken Hearts Break Faster Everyday' over and over, and their other is quite strong, too.

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