Point Juncture, WA

Not to burden you with the boring details of my life (I’ve already alluded to them, so now I’m beating a dead horse to boot) but my equilibrium has been shot to hell over the last three weeks and it’s hampered my efforts in getting you the tunes. Thanks for bearing with 2009’s slow start. Point Juncture, WA was the first thing I pulled out of the growing pile of submissions at the ‘hive’s HQ. What a pleasant surprise and glowing gift this album is. Unfamiliar with their previous work I can’t compare it to their past efforts, but this album most definitely demands some history homework on my part. The album was recorded in the band’s Portland basement, set up as a makeshift sound lab with cables running into and out of windows, amps in stairwells, a diy plate reverb in the garage, and mics in every corner. The resulting recordings sound like an earthier Stereolab with a bit more rock replacing the pop. They’re also somewhat of a throwback to ’90s indie rock with shimmering guitars and boy/girl vocals. Their album, Heart to Elk, is out February 10th. They’ve been playing a bunch of dates in and around their hometown, but no further dates have been announced. We’ll keep you posted!