Lex Land

Hands down, Lex Land is one of the more gorgeous voices we’ve featured on these pages of late. Although Lex Land is somewhat of an antithesis to my usual selections. My favorite songs are the ones I can sing along to, songs with hooky choruses and witty verses. I’m drawn to songs that make me want to sing. The “quality” of the music or the “ability” of the musicians in question are secondary. I listen to music with my gut, not my brain. Lex Land reminds me that I can’t sing, because man, she sure can. However, Lex Land does leave room for the untrained among us in her songs. My favorite songs of hers, and my favorite parts of this song, are the small, intimate, almost reluctant moments when she almost falters, moments that leave me holding my breath, hoping she pulls it off. Those moments are plentiful, as are the ones where Lex Land soars far beyond anything I might muster.