Unicycle Loves You

Alisa makes fun of me when I tell her I wanted to be a magician when I was a boy. She praises me when I make loads of magic fun for our kids’ birthdays though. OK, so I’ve only performed for one birthday. I think it was for Cairo’s sixth birthday. I made him disappear. Sam was my lovely assistant. Back to being made fun of…Alisa also gave be a good jabbing when I showed her my juggling skills (I can’t believe she actually married me when I think about it). Can you see where this is going? Yes, I also used to be a proud owner of a unicycle. Which brings us to the songs for today by Unicycle Loves You. The playful tone of “Hawaii” brings back the simple rushes of thrilling my friends by changing nickels to dimes or bunny-hopping on my unicycle. Yes, I was a royal geek, and thankfully Unicycle Loves You lets me man up and admit it. I mean their singer Jim Carroll still dresses like my mom dressed me in grade school (note the guy in the vest), back when I would steal lunch money to buy my friends ice-cream or Wacky Packages. But that’s a completely different story, one that shares a theme with “Highway Robbery.” And no kids, stealing is not OK.