Since I first posted Ratatat four years ago all the original MP3s have been taken down. See, you gotta grab the goods while there are goods to grab (you can still download their second mixtape here). You’ll notice also my short and sweet review. I stand by it. Ratatat remains one of the tastiest instrumental groups groovin’ on U.S. shores. Their first two albums are in regular rotation in Alisa’s car as the beats and riffs of Mast and Stroud work magic soothing our three savage beasts. She’s gonna go giddy when I tell her about new Ratatat. Hey, the new album is out June 8th, the same week as her birthday. I’m gonna hold off on the news until I can wrap it up in fancy paper and bows. Shhhhh. Don’t say anything to her. No, I don’t need to worry about her reading this. She never does. 3hive to Alisa means her husband butt-planted in front of the computer for hours listening to music too loud while she’s trying to get some shut eye. Though, when I dig up gems like this for her 3hive’s a bed of roses…

Mirando [MP3, 5.5MB, 192kbps]

Original posting 05.06.04:
Ratatat is to American Bedroom Beats what Daft Punk is to French House.

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  1. man im always so slow – i was just about to reccommend this band to you.
    with that said, i HIGHLY reccomend this band still!!!

  2. I don't believe the remixes are available for purchase. I know the band sent out promo CDs with the remixes so maybe ebay….

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