Great Lakes Myth Society

Ok, so Great Lakes Myth Society is bringing their ornate, stylized, vaguely ’70s medieval rock to an outdoor stage about two blocks from my house this weekend! How cool is that? The 3hive crew often talks about trying to catch the shows of the bands we post, but usually our real lives interfere and we’re left with the wistful memories of life before kids, wherein we could function past 9:30 pm and therefore go to shows. With this weekend’s Green Street Fair in Plymouth, Michigan, all I need to do is open my window to rock out with my fellow Great Lakes Staters. About the band: based in Ann Arbor, GLMS offers up orchestrated, big rock, the kind that probably needs to be written out on sheet music in order to perform. I like “Brablec Farms” and “Across the Bridge,” as both are complex yet user-friendly pop-rock gems, full of texture and imagery. And hopefully that’s what I’ll see and hear on Saturday in town, while checking out these local boys.