Meanest Man Contest

Like the 3hive crew, Meanest Man Contest connected in college while involved with the student newspaper. Unlike Meanest Man Contest, we haven’t collectively produced any original work (save for a few exceptions). We’ve spent most of our collective efforts talking up (via the airwaves, a print magazine and CD store—ah, those were the days) our favorite new artists such as Oakland duo Meanest Man Contest. These mild-mannered beat makers and rhyme sayers are steadily building their arsenal releasing tracks with Plug Research, RCRDLBL, Sneak Move, and Gold Robot, as well as showcasing their remixing skills working with the likes of Thee More Shallows, a track that MMC is kindly debuting today at 3hive. Their sound knows no bounds, from the smooth and easy flowing “I Was Only Kidding” to the dark and apocalyptic “Throwing Away Broken Electronics,” to the outright bouncy “We Wouldn’t Want It Any Other Way.” Don’t believe their moniker for a minute, Meanest Man Contest are nice boys making nice music.