The Ettes

The day I’ve been waiting for has finally come. After waiting 19-odd months, today is the day we bring you a new song from the Ettes. Look at Life Again Soon, out March 11, picks up where their debut Shake the Dust left off, continuing their self-described beat-punk, adding a little more 60’s reverb to drench Coco’s coo-ing, a little more of Jem’s dirty bass, and whole lot of more of Poni’s pounding the snot outta her drum kit. Catch them if you can on their way from Florida to SXSW.

Original Post 6/20/2006:
Yes, it happens to me several times a year, maybe even a month, where I find my new favorite band. For the past week and a half now, the Ettes are my new favorite band. We here at 3hive try to avoid personal and patronizing (ie., brown-nosing) statements such as that in our quest to share the sharing, but with the Ettes, I just can’t help myself. Their girl-lead, blues-inspired garage rock is sharp and pulsing and induces a state of air-guitaring and posturing. See what I mean?

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