Getting scooped is never a big deal at 3hive. For most of us, this job is a pleasant distraction from our real responsibilities: changing dirty diapers (Shan, maybe Sam, me), grading papers (Sean, me), hanging out with famous people (Lisa, sometimes Sam), being married to famous people (Jon) being Californian (Sean, Clay), and making huge bank (Sam). The only real competition comes from snapping up new tunes to post, and I always feel I miss out on the Swedes. Therefore, the posting of Pinto’s lo-fi pop is a kind of small victory for me. Whoo! This is from the band’s website: “Pinto is more or less a one man band but I have some friends around to keep me sane because Pinto is all about being sane… Say what?” (That “Say what?” was in the original text, I didn’t add it.)