The Heavy Circles

Well hello Edie Brickell! I won’t even mention the title of her ubiquitous late eighties/early Nineties “New Bohemians” hits, hit lest one in particular gets stuck in your head for the rest of the week and haunt your dreams. (You know which one I am talking about.) Looping music in my mind notwithstanding, I was delighted to find this collaboration between Ms. Brickell and her hubby Paul Simon’s son. She’s always had a beautiful voice, thats for sure, and it seems that Mr. Simon (the younger, Harper) has added some of what appears to be his youthful dreaminess and angst to the mix. Shall we play the definition game? Eighties earnest meets Nineties earth pop meets the offspring of Simon & Garfunkel and then gets busy with the present day and hangs out a little with French lounge pop? Maybe/maybe not, but I heart.