Chairs in the Arno

Have you ever pursued a particular boy or girl because he or she was hot in a way that another particular boy or girl was hot, but for whatever reason the former boy or girl avoided your clutch? Well that’s the situation in which I currently find myself. Musically speaking. It’s been over a year since I’ve heard anything from Jason Korzen in any form and I’ve been in need of an synth-geek fix. And as my dear Cuzzin Brad used to say, Chairs in the Arno are “putting me where I need to be.” Moogs, a microKorg, an MC 505 groovebox and sweet boy/girl vocals are like Hershey Kisses to me. Once I’ve popped one in my mouth, I can’t stop. Those wily Kisses are prone to push my pants slightly past size thirty. Chairs in the Arno remind me that hey, that’s OK.